Certificates & Diploma


Regular attendance of the course on Mediation/Negotiation will qualify for mediator certification: The Summer School's course of study includes forty (40) hours of professional instruction on mediation law and practice, including all aspects of mediation training deemed to satisfy the basic mediation training requirement for court appointment as a mediator pursuant to many American state statutory and court rule standards.

Students enrolled in an American Law School will receive credits when accredited to the program by Tulane Law School.

Students from Victoria University School of Law, Melbourne will be able to transfer the received credits for their studies at VU.

For students enrolled either in Humboldt University School of Law orAt the Award Ceremony Freie Universität School of Law, successful completion of the Summer School counts towards their Erstes Staatsexamen as a "Schlüsselqualifikation".

For those interested in further (postgraduate) studies, the Summer School is an optional part of the postgraduate master program in mediation offered by the Europa Universität Viadrina in cooperation with the Institut für Anwaltsrecht at Humboldt University. Successful completion of the Summer School program counts towards the Master degree. For more information, please contact: master-mediation@euv-frankfurt-o.de