The International Summer School on Dispute Resolution offers a class on Intercultural Negotiation/Mediation and some lectures giving a brief introduction to International Arbitration.

Program participants of the 2019 Summer School will get access to the reading material and other information in regard to the upcoming program following this link ...


Intercultural Negotiation / Mediation

This course is the center piece of the program and, in conjunction with additional lectures and presentations offered during the 2-week period, will qualify for mediator certification in most American states.

Negotiation: Small sessionMediation, like all other methods of "Alternative Dispute Resolution", has been developed in the USA to resolve disputes outside the public court system. The aim of all the different ADR methods is to work out a lasting solution of any given conflict between the parties involved. They try to avoid disadvantages inherent in the regular court system and offer a possible way to new, alternative solutions, which are not within the competence of a judge. Mediation, as one method of ADR, uses the mediator, a third party without any interest in the outcome of the dispute between the parties, to guide and help the parties to come to a solution of their problem.

Negotiation: Small sessionProviding the standard training in both the theory and skills of negotiation and mediation, the course will be taught with simulated exercises and group interchanges. One major objective is to develop negotiation and mediation skills in cross-cultural business transactions involving participants of different nationalities and diverging expectations. Even experienced mediators in the U.S., where the process has advanced rapidly in recent years, encounter unexpected pitfalls when applying their skills in mediations between parties from different countries.


International Arbitration

The central features of international arbitration will be examined briefly in some evening lectures. These include: Arbitration LectureAd hoc arbitration & institutional arbitration; Arbitral Institutions; the Law of International Arbitration, Reasons to arbitrate; the Arbitration Agreement (Function, Content, Important choices, Formal validity, Arbitrability, Defective clauses); the Arbitral Tribunal; the Arbitration Proceedings; the Courts: assistance and intervention; Making of the Award; Enforcement of Awards.


Master Program in Mediation

For those interested in further studies, the Summer School is an optional part of the postgraduate master-program in mediation offered by the Europa Universität Viadrina in cooperation with the Institut für Anwaltsrecht at Humboldt-Universität. Successful completion of the Summer School program counts towards the Master's degree. For more information, please contact: